How To Protect Your Trailer: A Secure Trailer Is A Safe Trailer!

Part of owning a trailer is making sure it is a secure trailer.

That means it should be a secure trailer whether it is attached to your vehicle when you are driving down the road, or whether it is parked up when not in use.

Recently, there has been an increase in trailer crime here in NZ.

Trailers are being targeted by criminals for theft, and opportunists are targeting people who already own trailers or those that want to buy them.

So, let’s look at all the main ways you can protect and secure your trailer.

How To Protect Your Trailer: A Secure Trailer Is A Safe Trailer!

Use Locks Or Clamps

Unfortunately, trailers are pretty easy to steal. Unless a trailer is secured, someone can literally walk up and roll it away without too much effort.

One of the easiest ways to create a secure trailer is by using trailer locks or wheel clamps. Not only are they a visual deterrent for opportunistic thieves, but they make it REALLY hard to move the trailer away.

A wheel clamp is an excellent security device. There are various styles, but they all do the same job. They fit onto the wheel of your trailer and prevent the wheel from being able to turn, effectively immobilising your trailer. They are perfect for when your trailer is parked up and not attached to a vehicle.

When you are out and about or have your trailer connected to your vehicle, trailer locks (or hitch locks) are a great way to prevent your trailer and your load from being stolen. The lock keeps your trailer hitch and the receiver together until you unlock it, usually with a key. It means someone can’t simply lift or un-hitch your trailer unless the lock is off.

Store Your Trailer Securely

Many thieves like an easy steal. If it will take too long to grab something or it seems too hard, many won’t bother. So, don’t make it easy for people to steal your trailer by leaving it out in the open. Secure it in a garage or shed if possible. If you don’t have the garage space, try to store it in an inconspicuous place that can’t be seen from the road.

If it must be stored roadside, use a visual deterrent like a wheel clamp. You can also protect your trailer by making it easily identifiable. This can be done by branding it for your business or painting it a unique colour. Unique trailers are harder to sell on quickly, so can be a good deterrent. You can also mark it inconspicuously in a place which you know will identify it if the worst does happen.

Get The Paperwork Sorted

If you are purchasing or taking ownership of a trailer, get your paperwork sorted ASAP. Remember that all vehicles that travel on the road must be registered (including trailers). If it is not currently registered or the registration has expired, then you can arrange it on the NZTA website.

Protect yourself and your trailer by arranging insurance before taking it on the road and also by organising the change of ownership. That way, all the legal paperwork puts the trailer in your name in case something happens. Then, there is no question about ownership.

Beware Of Good Deals

You know the saying, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is! Be cautious of any deals that involve private sellers, especially if they are selling on Facebook Marketplace or Buy/Sell pages.

Not everyone selling on these forums is dodgy, but the rate of bogus sellers or those selling stolen goods is on the rise. Make sure you protect yourself by doing your homework on each deal before any money changes hands.

Deals to be particularly wary of include trailers with no plates, no serial numbers, or no WOF and registration. Also, be conscious of trailers that look like they have been modified recently or freshly repainted as someone may have tried to change the appearance of a stolen trailer before onselling.

You can check if a specific trailer has been reported as stolen on the police website.

Buy From A Reputable Company

The easiest way to protect yourself from a bad deal is to buy from a reputable company. Reputable businesses will only sell you roadworthy trailers that have been legally obtained.

Here at Lucca Trailers, we have a wide selection of trailers to suit all needs. Whether you are looking for a single or tandem axle trailer (caged or uncaged), a boat and car trailers, or even tilt and hydraulic trailers, we have you covered.

All of our trailers are ready-assembled by our specialist NZ engineers and are road-ready. We can even organise the registration and WOF if you need us to.

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