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Lucca Trailers – Tough Trailers
at a Price that’s Hard to Beat

A locally owned and operated company, Lucca Trailers is a provider of a range of specialist trailers in Auckland. We give Kiwis access to affordable high-quality purpose-built trailers as alternatives to the off- the-rack options available in mainstream outlets.

Each trailer is designed by our skilled engineers and built to precise specifications, so you have the perfect trailer or transporter to meet your exact needs. We know that trailers need to be non-nonsense, tough and hard-wearing, ready to take on everything you throw on them.

Our trailers and transporters are made on site in Auckland, ensuring that every unit is reliable, high quality and meets the demanding on-road standards in New Zealand. We have a huge range of custom add-ons, from cages and tarpaulins to locks and toolboxes, so we can create the perfect trailer for your needs, usually in a matter of hours. Contact us to find out how we can make your perfect trailer- today.

Our Product Range


Single Axle TrailerSingle axle trailers:
Our robust single axle trailers are made to provide a good platform for travel, combined with on-road agility and excellent load management.

Twin or Tandem Axle TrailerTwin Axle Trailers:
Our twin axle/ tandem axle trailers are big, tough, and made to manage those heavy loads with ease. If you’re looking for a true do-everything trailer for your business or property, you’ll love these trailers.

Boat TrailerBoat Trailers:
Boat owners will know this story – You need a very good, very stable trailer to move your boat and maneuver it to the water. Our boat trailers are designed to manage loads and deliver the excellent manoeuvrability you need.

Digger TrailerDigger Trailers:
Diggers are heavy. They need very high quality transporters to manage their weight on the road and on site. Our digger trailers are specifically designed to do the job well.

Car Transporter TrailerCar Transporter Trailers:
Car transporters are a bit different to other types of trailers and transporters. They need to be able to take variable sizes and weights of cars and ensure load stability and transporter performance on the road. Our car transporter trailers are the perfect all-round solution.

Need an enclosed trailer cover, a built-in toolbox, or other accessories? Just ask us for any accessories you need, like tarpaulins made to measure and more.


We have uncompromising standards when it comes to the quality of the trailers that we offer you. We have a standard two-year warranty on all trailers. This gives you peace of mind that our excellent workmanship, quality raw materials, and thoughtful designs are backed with two years of assured hauling, carting and shifting.

Our hot-dipped galvanised aluminium frames are strong, our construction sturdy, and our focus on highly robust designs mean you can trust our trailers.

Fast Turnaround on Orders

You don’t have to wait days on end to receive your order. We keep parts for our trailer designs on hand so even if we don’t have the model you choose ready, we can have it assembled within hours. This includes rigorous checking to make sure our quality standards are met. Because our assembly takes place right here in Auckland, our trailers are ready in a short time so you can put them to work.

Talk to Lucca Trailers

Check out our range of trailers online. Whether you’re looking for a good basic home-use trailer, a heavy-duty reliable double-axle trailer for work or a trailer for your boat or jet-ski, we have exactly what you want.

Based on your needs and specifications, our experts will be able to suggest the model that will work best for you. And if you have any special requirements, they will take this into account as well. You can call us on 021 336 614 or contact us on info@luccatrailers.nz. We will respond to your enquiry ASAP.