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Lucca Trailers – Tough Trailers
at a Price that’s Hard to Beat

Lucca Trailers is your local trailer retailer in Auckland for quality trailers and transporters at highly competitive prices.
Our robust trailers are designed to deliver far superior performance to the ‘off the rack’ trailers you might see at mainstream commercial outlets. They are designed to very high quality standards, backed up by engineering expertise to create specialised trailers and transporters for your specific requirements.

These are good solid trailers, built to no-nonsense precision specifications and carefully assembled to meet high performance criteria. Our trailers really ARE built to be better and outperform other trailers on the market.

Our Product Range


Single Axle TrailerSingle axle trailers:
Our robust single axle trailers are made to provide a good platform for travel, combined with on-road agility and excellent load management.

Twin or Tandem Axle TrailerTwin Axle Trailers:
Our twin axle/ tandem axle trailers are big, tough, and made to manage those heavy loads with ease. If you’re looking for a true do-everything trailer for your business or property, you’ll love these trailers.

Boat TrailerBoat Trailers:
Boat owners will know this story – You need a very good, very stable trailer to move your boat and maneuver it to the water. Our boat trailers are designed to manage loads and deliver the excellent manoeuvrability you need.

Digger TrailerDigger Trailers:
Diggers are heavy. They need very high quality transporters to manage their weight on the road and on site. Our digger trailers are specifically designed to do the job well.

Car Transporter TrailerCar Transporter Trailers:
Car transporters are a bit different to other types of trailers and transporters. They need to be able to take variable sizes and weights of cars and ensure load stability and transporter performance on the road. Our car transporter trailers are the perfect all-round solution.

Need an enclosed trailer cover, a built-in toolbox, or other accessories? Just ask us for any accessories you need, like tarpaulins made to measure and more.


We offer a standard 2 year warranty on all trailers.

Fast Turnaround on Orders

We will ensure that your trailer is ready to picked-up quickly. If we don’t have your trailer ready built, we can get it ready within a few hours!

Talk to Lucca Trailers

Browse our trailers for sale. Whether you need a good basic trailer for personal use, a box trailer, or a purpose-built tough trailer for business, and on-road hard working reliability, we have exactly what you want.

Talk to our experts about your trailer needs, loads, and any specific requirements you have. We’ll deliver the perfect solution for you. Call us on 021 336 614 or contact us on info@luccatrailers.nz and we’ll respond to your enquiry ASAP.