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About Us

An Independent New Zealand Business Established in 2016.

Our name was inspired by a visit from our founder to a beautiful town in Italy called Lucca. From there, Lucca Trailers was developed as a high-quality supplier of New Zealand’s safe and specialist trailer needs.

We live by our philosophy of growing talent in rangitahi (young people) to equip them with experience and training. We believe in equal opportunities, in supporting wellness and balance in all people and in supporting our community. We are committed to the development of people and employ many up-and-coming sports people at Lucca Trailers, where we help with their overall development.

Our Trailers

Lucca Trailers evolved rapidly since our early days and will continue to grow. The business reflects all kinds of towed trailers’ diversity and practical values. We offer a good mix of various trailers for business and pleasure, from boat trailers to car and machinery transporters.

Trailer and transporter parts are made in China to Lucca Trailers’ strict engineering specifications. The company’s engineers oversee parts manufacturing to meet the highest quality and compliance standards.

The trailers and transporters are assembled in New Zealand as further quality controls to ensure all products meet engineering specs and New Zealand road-safety standards.

Theoretically, the assembly could be done in China, but Lucca Trailers’ founder wants to see products put together in New Zealand. These are load-bearing vehicles, and it’s critically important that there are no deficiencies in any part of their assemblies. Trailers and transporters are built in New Zealand under the watchful eyes of expert engineers to ensure high performance. This results in the precision quality standards of our trailers and transporters.

Browse our product range and ask our experts if you need help selecting your remarkable new Lucca Trailers trailer or transporter. We’re happy to assist you and deliver the perfect solution for your needs.

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