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A strong and sturdy transporter for cars. Made from hot dipped galvanised aluminium. Ready-assembled by our engineers in New Zealand.

Trying to find the perfect car transporter in Auckland? Just call us. Lucca Trailers has great solutions for you. Our car transporters are designed to deliver excellent on-road performance, combined with tough reliability for any type of car transport needs.



A strong and sturdy transporter for cars. Made from hot dipped galvanised aluminium. Ready-assembled by our engineers in New Zealand. It has welded tie-down points for security and to ensure your load stays safe and secure.

A fabulous Car Transporter for all your needs

This are the standard features of our car transporters:

  • A strong and sturdy transporter for cars
  • Made from hot dipped galvanised aluminium
  • Ready-assembled by our engineers in New Zealand. It has welded tie-down points for security and to ensure your load stays safe and secure
  • Note: Our high quality and heavy duty construction is larger and thicker than many other models on the market
  • Four wheel electric brakes for added safety
  • Strong hydraulic tilt with cable remote
  • 14” wheels for increased stability when moving and towing
  • LED lights
  • Mechanical park brake
  • Twin safety chains

Technical Specifications:

Dimensions 1950mm wide x 4440mm long
Wheels 14”
Lights LED
GMV 2500Kg
Deck tread Steel
Tow Ball 1 7/8
Hydraulic power pack Requires 12V power – not included in the price
Battery with solar charger or Anderson plug wired to car Contact us with the make and model of your car for a quote to supply and install – thanks



Spare Wheel $189
Tool box

OTR Costs



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If you’d like to enquire about our car transporters for sale, call us and ask our team for any help you need with extras. Ask our team for any advice or guidance you need, we’ll be happy to help.


What is a car transporter?
A car transporter, which can also be called a car-carrying trailer or a car hauler, is a type of trailer that is designed specifically to transport passenger vehicles. These ready- assembled trailers are made with hot dipped galvanised aluminium to provide excellent on-road services. They can be for individual vehicles and towed by 4WDs, or fit multiple vehicles which require commercial vehicles to pull.

For safety, car transporters come with features including four wheel electric brakes, hydraulic tilts with cable remotes and twin safety chains. The tie points are welded down so that the vehicles are totally secure. No matter what model of car you have, you can be assured that there will be a transporter that’s perfectly designed to suit it. Lucca Trailers have a wide selection of quality trailers to choose from.

Can you ship a car with stuff in it?
It is tempting to load things into your car when you are shipping it from one place to another. It seems like the logical thing to do to save money in transporting goods. However, when you are transporting your car, the company that handles the process for you charges a fee only for the weight of your car and not additional luggage.

While you may leave in small things like accessories that are a part of the car, luggage and other stuff is not something that a vehicle transporter will ship. The inclusion of items in your car may also become a security risk, as people may attempt to break into your car during shipping.

Speak with the professionals at Lucca Trailers to see if buying a car transporter is a better course of action.

How secure is your car transporter?
Car transporters are a safe and secure way to transport your vehicle across town, across the region or across the island. Open transfers using car transporters are an absolutely safe choice. The tie points are welded down, and there are twin safety chains the ensure your vehicle stays where it should. The car is safely in place and will remain that way, with axle straps and secure ratchets. There is also no chance of theft in with such secure mechanisms.

The other option is an enclosed transport, but other than protecting your car from the elements, there is no real benefit to secure cartage.

There are several options to consider when using a transporter and Lucca Trailers may have the solution you are looking for.

How do I prepare my car for transport?
Here are few pointers to keep in mind when you are preparing your car for transportation.

• Make sure to clean your car well so that any scratches and dents that exist can be seen clearly and accounted for. This will help when you are checking the car at the final destination as well.

• Remove all electronics, attached accessories and the like. These can get moved around during transport and may damage the interiors of your car.

• Be sure to disable the car alarm. The last thing the haulage company wants is your continuously alarming as the road vibrations set it off.

• Ensure that you leave a minimal amount of gas in the car as a safety measure, and also to help with reducing the weight being transported.

Alongside these basic preparations, there may be some specific to your model of car. Talk things over with Lucca Trailers first.

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