Don’t know the difference between single and tandem axle trailers? Lucca Trailers can help you find out so you choose the one best suited to your needs.

When purchasing a new trailer, it is important to explore your options and come to the right decision about what is most suitable for your circumstances. In this article, we explain the difference between single and tandem axle trailers to help you decide which one you need.

The Difference

Before coming to a decision about which is more appropriate, it helps to know the difference between the two. The difference is actually quite clear. A single axle trailer has one single axle with a wheel connected on both ends. It is often attached to the trailer directly or through the springs.

A double axle trailer, sometimes known as a twin axle trailer, has two axles placed closely together. Therefore, it has four wheels. This helps disperse the weight of the load being carried.

Single Axle Trailers – Benefits

A single axle trailer has several benefits.

  • as there is only one axle, the overall trailer will weigh less. This makes it more economical to tow and easier to manoeuvre
  • one axle is easier to park than two axles
  • they are cheaper than double axles in two ways. Firstly, the outright cost of buying a single axle is cheaper than purchasing a double axle
  • secondly, the price of upkeep is also cheaper, as there are less tyres, brakes and bearings to look after and maintain.

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Single Axle Disadvantages

As with most things, the single axle trailer also has disadvantages.

  • a single axle is not able to hold as much of a weight load as a double axle. The weight carried will also be harder on the tyres, as there are only two of them to support it.
  • a single axle trailer without suspension will not be able to properly cushion the load, so riding over bumps is likely to be unstable.

Double Axle Trailers – Benefits

  • double axle trailers can carry a bigger load than a single axle trailer, even if they are the same size. The load is also more equally distributed, placing less pressure on the tyres and making them more likely to last longer
  • double axle trailers provide a more stable journey, especially at high speeds, than single axle trailers. This is because they have noticeably better suspension – which means they will bounce less and be less likely to swerve or sway

Double Axle Disadvantages

  • a double axle trailer often costs more than a single axle trailer
  • as it weighs more, it also costs more in terms of fuel. Therefore, it is not as economically friendly as a single axle trailer
  • in the long run, it may also cost more to maintain as it has more tyres and fastenings than a single axle trailer

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The Verdict

Ultimately, which axle you buy should depend on the weight of your cargo and the distances you will need to travel. If you will be transporting heavy cargo frequently, then a double axle trailer is likely to be better for you. However, if you plan on towing infrequently, with lighter loads, a single axle trailer should meet your needs.