Hana SotutuAbbey ReynoldsSarina Masaga
Hana Sotutu Hana started playing netball when she was around 5 years old and hasn’t looked back. I think When she thinks back, she is very proud of the netballer she has become and growing her love for the sport. “The best thing about playing netball for me is the pure enjoyment as well as the competitiveness”. When she’s on the court, she prefers to play either WA or C. Hana’s favourite sports person is her own sister! Aww, we love that!Abbey started playing netball when she was 8, when she joined Mellons Bay Netball Club. “Some of my biggest accomplishments are placing 3rd at Aims Games in 2018, Indoor Nationals in 2020 and 2021, and competing in the Taranaki U16s Reps Tournaments in 2021”.

Abbey’s favourite thing about netball is that it keeps her physically and mentally strong, and challenges her to work hard. She likes Laura Langman as a sports person to look up to and likes playing GA and GS positions.

Sarina was 5 years old when she started playing netball. “I was a young girl who was passionate about the sport, lived and breathed it from a young age. I am proud of how far I have come and all the achievements I have achieved to be where I am now”.

Sarina loves the culture of the sport and the people within in. Her preferred positions are C, WA and WD.

Aleksandra TunufaiBrooklyn MurrayEseta Waqaira
Aleksandra started playing netball in Year 5 and loved it straight away. “Over the years my skills improved and my mind-set throughout the years got better, and also more knowledge of the game!! Things I’m most proud of is always adapting to the new changes that’s been made in my netball life and always being able to share the love of sports with my friends”. She enjoys the position of WD.

The best thing about playing netball for her is the opportunities that are given to you to go places and travel to compete with other teams. And to showcase what the team has been practicing/training for! “I love to joke around and make everyone smile, but when it’s game time that game face comes on”!

Peta Toeava is another fan favourite here for Aleksandra when it comes to sport persons.

Brooklyn was only five when she started playing netball and hasn’t looked back since. “I think the proudest thing I have achieved is growing as an athlete, improving and putting in all my work especially in the prem 1 environment as well as outside of school netball”.

Brooklyn enjoys netball because she gets to surround herself with cool people in a fun environment and pushing herself to her full potential.

The sports person she looks up to the most is Phoneix Karaka and enjoys GD, GK and WD positions on the court.

Eseta started playing at the age of 8 and is proud of how far she has come and is enjoying experiencing new things.

She loves netball because she has met new friends and getting more knowledgable about the sport from different talented players. Her sister Nani is her favourite sport person and Eseta enjoys GK as her position on the court.

Kristal TaufuiLili TokaduaduaRileigh Campbell
Kristal started playing netball in Year 5. “I am just proud that I carried on playing the sport and I enjoy keeping up with my fitness, which netball helps with a lot”.

Kristal’s two favourite sports persons are Sulu Fitzpatrick and Maia Wilson. She also plays lots of different positions on the court which include GD, GK, WD and GA.

Lili’s first position was Goal Attack when she was 5 years old. Her Year 9 team won nationals U15 team in Fiji and I played GS at NATS.

“Towards the end of Year 9 I got a netball scholarship from New Zealand at Howick college. Moving away at the age of 15 from my family was a difficult choice but I don’t regret a single decision I made in coming over to play netball, I’m proud of myself for holding it down for my family in Fiji, and not seeing them in 3 years is tough but they’re always supporting me in every ways and I’m so grateful for them”.

Lili’s sport person she looks up to is Jane Watson

Rileigh was the ripe young age of 5 when she started netball. She is most proud of making the prem squad and Rep teams.

“Netball has allowed me to make new friends and connections, which makes it even more enjoyable”

Laura Langman is popular as Rileigh’s favourite sports person. She also likes to play GA, C and WD on the court.

Shalah-Maye Jackson
Shalah-Maye started playing at the age of 8, and carried on throughout primary, intermediate to now in high school. “I believe my proudest moment when playing netball is being able to travel outside of Auckland to compete in tournaments because I am able to see so much competition and learning from other players”. She enjoys watching different type of players who bring their own talent into the sport. In her spare time Shalah-Maye also loves coaching netball.

Her favourite sports person is Lauren Langman and likes to play C and WD on the court.