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How To Reverse A Trailer (Without Stressing Everyone Out)

Knowing how to reverse a trailer is a unique and admired skill. Even people with plenty of driving and towing experience can be challenged when reversing a trailer. When performing this task, you are working with an extended vehicle length and limited visibility, not to mention the unnaturalness of steering in the opposite direction from […]

Unbraked vs Braked Trailers – What’s The Difference?

When asked about the difference between unbraked and braked trailers, the obvious answer might be that one has brakes, and one doesn’t. While this might be accurate, there is a bit more to it than that! There are additional considerations regarding load capacities and legal requirements that will come into play as well – so […]

How To Choose The Right Towing Vehicle For Towing Your Trailer

Is it time to upgrade your towing vehicle? Deciding on a new car or ute can be a tough decision. It can be even tougher if you require it to tow a trailer, boat, or other heavy loads. The available options are extensive and there are certain requirements that can make selecting a towing vehicle […]

Howick College 2022 Netball Player Profiles

Hana Sotutu Abbey Reynolds Sarina Masaga Hana Sotutu Hana started playing netball when she was around 5 years old and hasn’t looked back. I think When she thinks back, she is very proud of the netballer she has become and growing her love for the sport. “The best thing about playing netball for me is […]

5 Benefits Of An Enclosed Trailer

Are you in the market for a new trailer? If so, you might be wondering if an enclosed trailer is a worthy investment. There has been a growing interest in enclosed trailer options in recent years, and for good reason. These trailers are versatile and practical – they are good for anything from shifting supplies […]

Update on the Lucca Trailers Secondary School Premier 1 grade

The Lucca Trailers Secondary School Premier 1 grade is half-way through the competition just as the school holidays arrive. The powerhouse teams are in control at the halfway point, but some very exciting key matchups are yet to come in the second half of the competition. Returning Avondale College, who was top after the grading […]

Lucca Trailers connecting with the Auckland Netball Centre

Auckland Netball are proud to announce Lucca Trailers will join the Auckland Netball family of sponsors for the 2022 netball season sponsoring the exciting Secondary Schools competition. Auckland Netball CEO, Dianne Lasenby said: it is exciting to have Lucca Trailers come on board partnering for the Saturday morning secondary school competition.  There are over 3000 […]

How To Choose The Best Tradie Trailer For You

A trailer is a really important tool for a tradie. While it’s not one you can slip into your toolbelt, it is every bit as essential as your nail gun and measuring tape! So, when it comes to choosing the best tradie trailer, it is really a matter of finding one that suits your specific […]

Things To Know When Getting A Custom Trailer Made

Sometimes you can’t buy what you need “off the shelf”. And while there are an extensive range of trailers available on the market, they might not suit your needs 100%. In those circumstances, you might need a custom trailer option instead. But, when you are sourcing a custom trailer, there are a number of things […]

How to Arrange Change Of Ownership For A Trailer

Whether you are buying or selling a trailer, you need to make sure that you complete the change of ownership process at the time of transaction. Otherwise, you could find that someone else still legally owns your shiny new trailer… or you still own something you no longer have possession of! It also keeps the […]