What Is A Car Transporter Trailer?

Moving a vehicle doesn’t have to be hard, even if you don’t want to be in the driver’s seat to move it!

It is possible to transport a vehicle by road on a car transporter trailer.

So, what is a car transport trailer and how do they work?

Well, that’s exactly what we are going to cover in this blog, so keep reading to find out more about the most practical way to move a vehicle.


What Is A Car Transporter Trailer?

A car transporter trailer, also known as a car-carrying trailer or a car hauler, is a type of trailer that is designed specifically to transport passenger vehicles. The vehicle you want to transport is loaded onto a flat bed style trailer via ramps or a hydraulic lift and is secured in place so that it does not move while in transit.

A car transport trailer is made from hot-dipped galvanised steel and comes ready assembled to provide excellent on road services and reliable transport. It can come in a singular vehicle size to accommodate one car and this can be pulled by a 4WD. Or, sized to fit multiple vehicles at once which requires a commercial vehicle to tow.


What Can A Car Transporter Be Used For?

Useful for moving cars over long distances or if you need to move multiple vehicles at once, car transporter trailers have lots of uses. The most common ones are:

  • Moving cars: the most obvious reason is the most common one! Car transporters are used to move cars. Popular with car dealerships, mechanics and rental car companies, or for individuals that need to transport their car when moving house or relocating to a different city.
  • Motorsport Events: Got a race car or a sports car? Then, you’ll want a car transporter to get to your next track day, vehicle showcase, rally race or drag race. Never worry about the safety of your car again as you can transport it easily around the country.
  • Towing: Perfect for vehicles that don’t run or for ones that can’t be driven long distances, car transporter trailers take the hassle out of transporting vehicles. Break downs, classic cars, or non-runners are no problem with a transport trailer.
  • Car Collectors: Car collectors often use car transporter trailers to transport their vehicles to shows, auctions, and other events. It allows the safe transport of valuable cars without putting additional wear and tear on the vehicles.


What Are The Safety Features Of A Car Transporter?

One of the main features of a car transporter is its safety. Expertly crafted and made from high quality galvanised steel, you can be assured that your trailer is safe to drive.

For on road safety, car transporters come with features like four wheel electric brakes, hydraulic tilts with cable remotes and twin safety chains. Each trailer comes with tie points to attach the vehicle to, and these are all welded down so the vehicle will be completely secure while in transit.


How Secure Is A Car Transporter?

So, how safe is an open air car transfer? Car transporters are a safe and secure way to transport your vehicle across town, across the region or across the island.

As we mentioned earlier, the tie points are welded down, and there are twin safety chains that ensure your vehicle stays where it should on the trailer. With the use of axle straps and secure ratchets, the car is safely in place and will remain that way. There is also no chance of theft with such secure mechanisms in place.


How Do I Prepare My Car For Transport?

When transiting your vehicle, you obviously want to make sure it is as safe as possible. So, regardless of whether you are using a transport company or your own car transporter, these are some good practice rules to follow:

  • Do not transport goods in your car: It can be tempting to try and save space or money by filling your car with personal items while in transit, but it is a mistake. Items can shift while in transit and get damaged, they may also damage the interior of your car. Plus, the inclusion of visible items in the car increases the security risk as people may attempt to break into your car during shipping.
  • Check your car before and after: Note down any damage on the vehicle before it goes on the transporter and check for any new damages or scratches at the end of the trip. This process allows you to speak with the transport company about the damage or helps you to refine your personal transport process if using your own trailer.
  • Disable your car alarm: Road vibrations can set off some alarm systems, so can be triggered while transporting them. Turn off your alarm to ensure you are not disturbing anyone’s peace!
  • Leave minimal petrol in the car: Do not transport your vehicle with a full tank of gas. This can pose a safety risk. Instead, leave minimal petrol in the tank as it will also help reduce the weight of the vehicle on the trailer and aid towing.


Is A Car Transporter Trailer Right For You?

Should you invest in a car transporter trailer? The answer is a definite yes if you have a vehicle or vehicles that you transport around regularly. Having personal control of the movement of these vehicles allows for efficiency and stops you worrying about how a transit company might be treating your precious cargo!

So, what kind of car transporter is right for you?

Here at Lucca Trailers, we have some great options for you. Our strong and sturdy trailers deliver excellent on road performance and tough reliability for any transport needs. Check out our car transporter trailers here or contact the team with any questions today.


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