Things To Know When Getting A Custom Trailer Made

Sometimes you can’t buy what you need “off the shelf”.

And while there are an extensive range of trailers available on the market, they might not suit your needs 100%.

In those circumstances, you might need a custom trailer option instead.

But, when you are sourcing a custom trailer, there are a number of things to consider to ensure you get exactly what you need.

Let’s explore what those things are now.

Things To Know When Getting A Custom Trailer Made

Choose A Reputable Supplier

A simple Google search will probably turn up a number of results if you type in “custom trailer”. But, rather than clicking on the first search result and hoping for the best, you should do some research into each of the suppliers to ensure that you are going to get exactly what you need.

Make sure you choose an experienced and reputable supplier like Lucca Trailers. That way, you can be assured that you will end up with a roadworthy, high quality trailer.

Know What You Need

When building a custom trailer, it is vital to know exactly what you are going to be using the trailer for. That way, you can make sure you get the end result that you need.

It’s no good commissioning a trailer to haul a certain kind of cargo, only to find that the measurements are off and your custom solution is no better than a standard trailer.

So, before you rush out to order something, make sure that you understand what you need from the trailer. That way, the right custom solution can be created.

Think About Your Options

Trailers come in all shapes and sizes. Single axle, tandem axle, towing capabilities, caged, non-caged, enclosed, hydraulic, with ramps, suitable for transporting boats, cars, jet skis or heavy machinery…

And that’s just the options we’ve come up with off the top of our heads!

Obviously, there are many things that a trailer can do, but choosing the right tool for the job will greatly improve the usefulness of your trailer. You can also be sure that the trailer is fit for purpose with the right couplings and weight ratings.

If you are unsure exactly what you need, it’s best to have a chat with a professional – like the team here at Lucca Trailers – for our recommendations on what kind of trailer will make your job easier.

Meeting Road Standards

You might be tempted to modify a trailer that you already own or purchase a cheaper second hand option to modify to your needs. We would strongly advise against that option.

Every trailer that hits NZ roads must be 100% compliant with a strict set of design and safety standards. That is to safeguard the safety of everyone on the road. By modifying an existing product, you may end up changing critical safety aspects without realising it.

It is much better to work with a certified provider to ensure you have a safe and roadworthy trailer. At Lucca Trailers, we ensure that each of our custom trailers are crafted from the highest quality materials and meet the strictest safety standards. Not only does that mean you can drive with confidence now, but you can also do it for years to come!

Add Some Extras

The great thing about designing a custom trailer is that you are in the perfect position to add on some extras to make life easier. Because you are designing a solution from scratch, you aren’t limited to a standard list of components. You can add whatever you like!

Need to contain a load better? Then a cage or enclosed box could be a great addition. Need capacity to carry lengthy or awkward loads? Then an H Frame could be the answer.

What about making hitching easier? Add a jockey wheel, towbar lock or other security measures.

You can even add ramps for easier loading, a tarpaulin cover to make it weather proof, or toolboxes and extra storage options if you need. For more information on added trailer extras, check out our recent blog.

All Your Custom Trailer Needs

Think you might need a custom trailer? Then, come and chat with our Lucca Trailers team.

We are experts in all things trailers! It is our mission to ensure that New Zealand has high-quality specialist trailers to suit a wide range of towing needs. Creating custom options for our clients means that we can ensure you have exactly what you need to get the job done right.

Talk to us about what you want to use your trailer for and we’ll be able to create a custom solution that meets NZ road safety standards.

Read to tow? Then, let’s chat, get in touch with us now!

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