The Best Trailers For Tradies

Are you a tradie? Do you need a trailer to transport your tools and other gear?

Then you are in the right place!

Today we are looking into the best trailers for tradies on the market.

So, join us as we explore what kinds of trailers are available, which designs work best for tradespeople and how to choose the right trailer for your load.


The Best Trailers For Tradies

Double Axle or Single Axle?

The first question to ask is whether you need a single axle or double axle trailer. We firmly believe that the double axle, also known as a tandem trailer, is the best trailer option for tradies.

Here’s why:

Good for heavy loads

Double axle trailers can typically carry more weight than a single axle trailer due to the additional weight-bearing capacity of the two axles. As a tradie, you no doubt have a LOT of gear, and a double axle trailer will allow you to transport more equipment, tools, and materials at once.

This is good news as it means you’ll have everything on site when you need it and you can increase your efficiency by reducing the number of trips required.

Improved stability

The additional axle provides improved stability and better weight distribution on the road. This can help prevent swaying or tipping when the trailer is fully loaded. This is particularly important when transporting heavy or bulky items that could shift during transit.

Reduced trailer wear and tear

With two axles to distribute the weight, the trailer’s tires, suspension, and brakes will experience less wear and tear than a single axle trailer carrying the same load would. This added weight distribution can help extend the lifespan of the trailer and reduce your maintenance costs over time.

Safer towing

Double axle trailers provide better control and handling during towing, especially at higher speeds or in windy conditions. This protects your load and can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve your overall safety on the road.


Choosing The Best Tradie Trailer

So, which is the best trailer for tradies? The answer to that depends on a few things like what you are transporting and the size of the load. Best rest assured, we have something that will suit your needs here at Lucca Trailers.

Here are some options to consider:


Tandem Trailers

Available in a range of different sizes, the tandem trailer is one of our most popular options for tradies. It’s a flatbed style open trailer that is perfect for hauling a huge range of tools and materials.

Ranging in size from 8ft x 5ft to 12ft x 6ft, you can haul absolutely anything in these babies! User friendly for builder’s sheets, GIB board, ride on mowers, scaffolding, water tanks,  furniture, garden clearance, build site waste and more.

Fully welded, these braked trailers are safe and versatile. With 14” wheels for increased stability and a heavy duty load capacity of 2000kg, you’ll be able to pile it up with all your heavy items. It’s practical too as you can stand on the side running boards and mudguards while loading, and secure everything with side and rear pipes for tie-downs.


Caged Trailers

Need some extra protection to hold everything in your trailer? Then, a caged trailer is the perfect option. And we make it super easy too. We simply add a removable cage to match the size of your tandem trailer. That way, you can take the cage on and off as needed for flexibility.

Our cages are 900mm in height and have a rear swinging gate for easy loading and unloading.


Custom Options

Need something a bit outside the box? No problem at all, we can customise our standard tandem trailers to suit any tradie needs. Here are some of the options available:

  • Removable tarpaulin frame and tarpaulin covers to keep everything dry
  • Ramps for loading
  • Lockable toolboxes
  • H-frames for towing long lengths – up to 18ft timber
  • A-frames for carrying glazing – windows and aluminium


What Is The Best Tradie Trailer?

The best trailer for tradies is undoubtedly a Lucca Trailer. We have a huge range of options available to suit the needs of your trade and business.

All of our trailers are crafted from high quality materials and welded for extra strength (unlike the bolted versions from some of our competitors). Their heavy duty payload and tow bar braking system make them practical and safe.

Stable, versatile and flexible, you’ll only ever need one trailer to get the job done. With lights on the outer edges of the trailer, you can carry even longer loads with the front and rear tailgates lowered.

So, looking for the best trailer for tradies? Then, check out our range here or contact one of our knowledgeable team with any queries today.


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