The Benefits of using a Tilt Car Trailer

Regular trailers can handle heavy loads. But what happens when your equipment is too heavy or bulky to easily lift onto or off the trailer?

Most solutions – like makeshift ramps or cargo trolleys – still require physical exertion and could end up damaging you or your cargo.

A better solution in these cases is a tilt car trailer. Powered by hydraulics, tilt car trailers do just what they say: the trailer bed tilts down, creating a ramp that allows you to quickly, safely, and easily load or offload bulky or heavy items such as vehicles or machinery.

If you have heavy equipment or vehicles to transport, here’s why a tilt car trailer might be just what you’re looking for.

The Benefits Of Using A Tilt Car Trailer

Increased Safety

Whether you’re using a tilt car trailer on the job or for personal use, safety needs to be a top priority. This kind of trailer reduces the risk of injury in a few different ways.

Firstly, because the deck tilts, you won’t need to haul awkward or heavy ramps around to load or unload heavy items.

Secondly, because the trailer operates hydraulically, you won’t need to physically manoeuvre anything to adjust it, minimising the risk of injury.

Because the whole process is straightforward, there’ll be less fussing around when loading or unloading. This reduces the chances of something going wrong that could put your safety at risk.

Your Vehicles Or Equipment Are Protected

The last thing you want is for your car, machinery, or other expensive equipment to be damaged during transport.

A tilt car trailer reduces the risk of this happening, particularly during loading or unloading, and has features that ensure your cargo stays safe and sound on the road.

Our tilt car trailers are specifically designed to accommodate heavy vehicles, so you can be confident that they are robust and durable enough to handle your cargo safely.

Ease And Efficiency

Because the trailer tilts so that the rear is lowered to ground level, it’s a piece of cake to load whatever you need, no matter how heavy or bulky it is.

You won’t need to store, move, and position separate ramp systems, so the process of loading and unloading is fast and easy. When you aren’t wasting time unnecessarily, you can fit more into your day or used the saved time for other things.

More Space

Trailers fitted with loading ramps have less free space available, but tilt car trailers don’t have this problem. Your car or other vehicle can utilise all the available space on the trailer meaning you can carry larger loads if you need to.


Tilt car trailers are ideal for transporting vehicles – from cars and vans to motorbikes. But they can also accommodate heavy equipment such as forklifts, bobcats, mowers, agriculture machinery, or heavy household items.

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