Single Axle VS Double Axle Trailers: How To Decide

Time to invest in a new trailer?

If you’ve done any amount of googling on the topic, you’ll soon see there are plenty of options to choose from…

Single Axle trailers

Double Axle trailers

Tandem trailers

Hydraulic trailers

Suddenly, choosing which one you need feels a little more complicated than it needs to be.

Luckily, we are here to make things easier by exploring the different benefits of single and double axle trailers so that you can decide which is best for your needs.


Single Axle VS Double Axle Trailers: How To Decide

Benefits Of A Single Axle Trailer

As the name suggests, a single axle trailer only has one axle. That means one central shaft on which the wheels are mounted. Lighter weight than other trailer options, it is commonly used for transporting smaller loads and items.

These are some of the Pros of a single axle trailer:

  • Maneuverability: Because there is only one axle to deal with, single trailers tend to be more maneuverable than their double axle counterparts. This makes them perfect for navigating through tight urban spaces or making sharp turns in congested areas.
  • Affordability: Generally smaller than other trailer variations, single axles tend to be less expensive to buy. They are also relatively affordable to maintain, with fewer components to consider and service.
  • Light loads: Single axle trailers are great for towing smaller loads like landscaping materials, building supplies and various pieces of equipment.
  • Efficient: As they are lighter than larger trailers, they are economical to tow, creating better fuel efficiency.


Benefits Of A Double Axle Trailer

A double axle trailer is also known as a tandem trailer. They have two separate axles that each support at least one wheel on either side. Sitting firmly on the road, double axle trailers are often used for transporting larger loads and cargo.

These are some of the Pros of a double axle trailer:

  • Stability: Double axle trailers tend to offer more stability than their single axle counterparts. That is because the two axles provide better weight distribution for heavier loads. They are less prone to swaying, providing a smoother ride. This is especially true when travelling at higher speeds on the motorway or open roads.
  • Safety: The increased stability of a double axle also offers improved safety. Less prone to tipping over or bouncing, this added safety element is great when towing larger or awkwardly shaped loads.
  • More capacity: Due to the weight distribution across both axles, double axle trailers can carry significantly heavier loads than single-axle trailers. That makes them suitable for transporting larger items like construction equipment, water tanks, machinery or vehicles.
  • Better braking: Because they are designed to carry heavier loads, Lucca double axle trailers are all equipped with a tow bar braking system for enhanced braking ability. This improves your stopping power and increases your safety when carrying those heavy loads.


Which Trailer Should You Choose?

Is a single axle or a double axle trailer better for you? Well, that all depends on what you are going to use the trailer for and where you are going to be towing it.

Here are some points that can help you decide:


What are you towing?

Think about the things you are intending to transport in your trailer. What size are they and how heavy are they? If you anticipate hauling larger, heavier loads then a double axle trailer might be the best option for you. Whereas, if your loads will be lighter and smaller, a single axle might suffice.


What vehicle are you using to tow with?

Every vehicle has a maximum towing capacity, so make sure you know what yours is. Then, ensure that your current vehicle is going to be capable of towing a fully loaded trailer. This is particularly important if you are considering a double axle trailer to allow you to tow heavy things.


Where will you tow?

Determine where you are going to be driving the trailer the most. If you are navigating congested urban areas frequently, then a single axle trailer is going to give you more maneuverability. However, if you will tow a lot on the motorway, a double axle trailer will provide better stability.


What’s your budget?

How much you have available to spend could influence your purchasing decision. Single axle trailers are generally a more budget-friendly option, while double axle trailers will include a more substantial investment. In saying that, you will still need to select the safest option for the job. It is a huge risk to try towing a massive load on a small trailer.


How can you be safest?

Workplace safety is a huge priority, so safety should be one of your biggest deciding factors when choosing a trailer. As we’ve said numerous times, it is vitally important to consider the type of load you will be transporting and whether you will require extra stability or braking capabilities.


The Conclusion

Now that you have seen all the differences between a single and double axle trailer, it’s time to decide which is best for your needs.

The basic conclusion is that smaller, lighter loads are better suited to single axle models, whereas larger, longer or heavier loads will require a double axle trailer.

If you aren’t sure what you need or would like to know more about the single and double axle options we have available, simply come in and see us at one of our handy locations, or get in touch with our team to ask any questions.



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