How To Find Replacement Trailer Parts

When your trusty trailer is not working as well as it should, it’s time to source the replacement trailer parts to get it back on the road.

But, before you jump on TradeMe or Marketplace to start browsing, there are a few things you should consider first.

You want to make sure you get the right part for the job and that your trailer will continue to be roadworthy.

So, follow these checks to make sure you are sourcing reputable trailer parts that are going to go the distance.


How To Find Replacement Trailer Parts

Establish What’s Wrong

The first job is to establish what is wrong with your trailer and what you might need to correct the problem. Some issues will be easy to diagnose, whereas others will require further investigation to understand the cause.

If you aren’t mechanically minded, the safest option is to speak to a trailer expert to help establish what the problem is and which trailer parts you might need to fix it. The team here at Lucca Trailers are always happy to help and offer our expert advice to keep you on the road. Contact our team today with any questions about replacement trailer parts (or anything else trailer related!)


Find Your Replacement Trailer Parts

Now that you know what’s wrong, it’s time to source the replacement trailer parts you need to conduct the repairs. Here’s what you need to be mindful of in your search:


Trailers come in various sizes, configurations and load capacities. So, you want to make sure you choose the right part for the job. Latches, lights, couplers, rims and tyres all come in different sizes, fittings and varieties, and they must fit properly for a safe repair. Ensure that the intended replacement parts are compatible with the specific make, model and year of your trailer.

Reputable Brands

Make sure you are choosing high-quality replacement parts from a reputable supplier, otherwise, you might find yourself replacing that same part again before long! Cheaper alternatives might save you money initially, but might not be as durable in the long term. Avoid quality concerns by choosing reputable brands from a supplier like Lucca Trailers.

Safety Standards

All trailer components need to meet road safety standards. Make sure the replacement parts you choose ensure safe towing by meeting these safety standards. Again, you can avoid any concerns about safety, by purchasing your replacement trailers parts from Lucca Trailers.


A warranty gives you a safety net in case the part that you buy malfunctions prematurely. So, if your replacement trailer parts come with a warranty, it’s good news! It indicates the manufacturer has confidence in the quality of their product and is prepared to stand behind them.

All Lucca trailer parts come with a 12 month warranty, so that you can always tow with confidence.

Size and Dimensions

When sourcing replacement parts for your trailer, accurate measurements are crucial to ensuring that you get the right fit. The replacement part should match the size of the original component. Even the slightest difference in size can lead to issues with key safety features like stability or can cause safety issues when towing. So, make sure you are purchasing parts with the right dimensions for your specific trailer model.

Load Capacity

All trailers have a towing capacity that must not be exceeded for safety reasons. Exceeding the load capacity can cause damage to your trailer or create serious towing risks. To maintain the correct level of road safety, any replacement trailer parts must be rated for the same or higher load capacity as the original parts. So, when replacing essential parts like wheels, ensure you check the part’s capacity and that it meets the specifications of your trailer.


Trailer Part Replacement Best Practices

Now we’ve covered how to choose the right parts for your trailer, let’s take a quick look at the general best practices you should follow:

  • Maintenance: Some parts of the trailer will require more maintenance than others. Be aware of which parts these are and commit to a regular maintenance schedule to keep your trailer safe and reliable.
  • Installation: Some trailer parts are easy to change, but some require professional installation. Consider your own mechanical skills and the tools you have available when undertaking replacements. Make sensible decisions about when to call in the experts so that the parts are correctly fitted and secured.
  • Expertise: Not sure what replacement parts your trailer needs or how to install them? Don’t try and wing it yourself. Rather, call on a crew of trailer professionals who can ensure your trailer gets what it needs to continue to operate at a high standard.


Need help and expertise for replacement trailer parts? Then you can find it from the team here at Lucca Trailers! We offer guidance, support and full installation services on our trailers.

Contact the team today.



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