How To Choose The Best Tradie Trailer For You

A trailer is a really important tool for a tradie.

While it’s not one you can slip into your toolbelt, it is every bit as essential as your nail gun and measuring tape!

So, when it comes to choosing the best tradie trailer, it is really a matter of finding one that suits your specific needs.

When choosing, your trade, what you need to carry, your towing vehicle, and your budget are all important factors.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to consider to get the most out of your trailer purchase.

How To Choose The Best Tradie Trailer For You

How Much Do I Need To Tow?

All trailers will have a load capacity (i.e. 500kg or 1000kg), which will be available from the trailer manufacturer or retailer. It is important to have an idea of the load weight you will be carrying, so you can appropriately match the trailer load capacity.

What Can My Vehicle Tow?

All vehicles have a maximum weight that they can safely tow. This is called Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) or Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM). Your vehicle owner’s manual should contain the load capacity details. You will need to ensure that the weight of your trailer plus the weight of the load does not exceed the towing vehicle’s maximum.

Your vehicle will have a GVM for both braked and unbraked towing loads. This will also inform whether you need to look for a trailer with brakes, depending on how much you want to be able to tow.

Single Axle Or Tandem Axle?

Single axle trailers have many benefits, including being budget friendly, lightweight, easy to move around and easier on your fuel mileage. Single axle trailers can be towed by vehicles with lower towing load capacities. However, due to their lighter weight, they can be less stable at higher speeds and may tend to sway more during driving.

Tandem axle trailers can hold more weight, and they also offer increased stability and control on the road. They do cost a bit more up-front, will be tougher on fuel, and will cost more to maintain due to the extra wheels and brakes. For someone who carries heavier loads frequently and/or over longer distances, a tandem axle is likely the better option.

Do I Need A Cage?

Uncaged trailers are ideal for low and/or flat trailer loads. They are great for general purpose tasks such as weekend trips to the rubbish dump. Landscapers may find the easy trailer bed access of an uncaged trailer particularly helpful when moving things like stones or sand.

Caged trailers are great for carrying larger items, or if you have lots of awkward bits and pieces that need to be better secured. It can be difficult to safely tie down a lot of smaller items onto an uncaged trailer. The cage offers plenty of secure space to attach tie downs, or a trailer cover or tarp. Caged trailers are generally a more practical, easy to use option.

Enclosed And Other Options?

Enclosed trailers offer incredible security and can be kitted out with storage solutions so you can really make the most of your trailer space. Enclosed trailer options are popular with tradies who may need to keep tools and supplies at the job site overnight, as they keep everything out of sight and can be securely locked.

Depending on your particular needs, you might need a trailer built for specific function. This might include boat towingcar transporting, or digger moving. These vehicle trailers are purpose built with ramps and the appropriate dimensions and weight limits.

The Right Tradie Trailer For You

So as you can tell, there is quite a bit to consider when it comes to selecting the best trailer for you.

Fortunately, Lucca Trailers has something for everyone in our extensive range. We also offer a Tradie Trailer package in a range of sizes and to suit any budget. These trailers are ready-assembled by our engineers in New Zealand and are perfect for tradies with all their daily needs.

The Tradie Trailer package can include H frame, trailer cage and rego/WOF options if you need them to.

So, if you need the best tradie trailer for the job, get in touch or visit us today – we are available to provide expert advice and find you the perfect trailer match!

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