Helpful Trailer Upgrades And Extras

Need a bit more than the standard box trailer?

Not to worry – there are plenty of upgrades and extras you can add to your trailer to make it your perfect transport solution.

From ramps and cages to jockey wheels and covers, you can transform the function of your trailer to do exactly what you need it to do!

Or, simply make it easier to use.

So, what’s available?

Let’s look at some useful trailer upgrades and extras that might make life easier for you.

Helpful Trailer Upgrades And Extras

Trailer Cages

Need a bit more containment when transporting your load? Trailer cages are one of the most common trailer upgrades for our customers. The added height offers increased stability and security for your cargo. They are also great for transporting livestock, as the cage provides safety while still allowing airflow.

Crafted from sturdy hot-dip galvanised steel, Lucca Trailers trailer cages come in various sizes and heights and take less than ten minutes to install.

H Frame

Don’t have the space or capacity to carry lengthy or awkward loads in your standard box trailer? Consider adding an H Frame to increase the capacity.

These simple frames allow you to carry ladders, long work tools, and lengths of timber or other materials safely without sacrificing your space. You can purchase them ready-made in a range of different sizes.

Jockey Wheel

Adding a jockey wheel to your trailer is a simple trailer upgrade that makes life a whole lot easier. A jockey wheel ensures the nose of your trailer stays lifted before and after it’s connected to your towing vehicle. That makes it much easier for you to move your trailer short distances without straining your body.

The crank handle makes it a piece of cake to adjust the height, so coupling and uncoupling are straightforward. Simply stow your jockey wheel away using the swing-away bracket when not in use.

Coupler And Tow Ball

Need to replace your coupler and tow ball? Opt for something simple to use yet sturdy and reliable. Our couplings use a cast-iron enclosure that covers the tow ball. They have a cast tongue operated by a lever, it clamps the underside of the tow ball sphere and is kept in position by a loaded spring. The strong safety chain ensures security as you travel.

We offer 2.0 and 2.5 couplings with 1 7/8 tow balls.

Tarpaulin/Trailer Cover

Need to transport your load no matter the weather? A tarpaulin is a must-have. They are also vital to contain loose loads like soil or mulch.

Our trailer and cage covers are made from sturdy canvas with 5 x A-frame poles to provide additional coverage. There are handy eyelets all the way around to ensure the cover stays securely tied down no matter the conditions.

These tarps only take a few minutes to put on and secure, providing valuable peace of mind to protect your load.

Towbar Lock

Want to make sure your trailer – and its contents – stay attached to your towing vehicle whether you’re on the road or parked overnight? A towbar lock is an essential item.

Towbar locks affix to your trailer hitch when attached to a vehicle to prevent thieves from disconnecting your trailer and making off with it. When your trailer isn’t connected to a vehicle, you can also use a towbar lock to stop people from connecting it to theirs and driving away with it.

Considering the low cost, towbar locks are a great, affordable, and easy to use insurance option to keep your trailer and its contents safe.


Save your back and ensure your load’s safety by installing ramps onto your trailer for easy loading. We can fit galvanised steel hinged ramps on your trailer to suit whatever you need to transport.

This allows you to drive things onto your trailer, or move heavier objects on with a trolley.

Need A Quality Trailer Upgrade Or Accessory?

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