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Digger trailers, also known as excavator trailers, are used to move your digger between work sites. They can also be used to transport light machinery such as bobcats and tractors. In this article, we take a look at digger trailers, the types available on the market, and what you should look for in a digger trailer.


What is a Digger Trailer?

A digger trailer is a type of trailer that can securely hold and transport your excavator, digger, tractor or bobcat. They usually have four wheels close to the tail of the trailer, as well as support mechanisms to keep your equipment steady. A good digger trailer should have a ramp, override brakes, and place for a spare wheel.

The main ways in which they differ is predominantly through the weight they can carry. When choosing a digger trailer, consider how much your equipment weighs and move forward from there.

What to Look Out For

When purchasing a digger trailer, there are certain things which are important to keep in mind.

Good Carrying Capacity – your digger trailer needs to have a good carrying capacity. This means that it must not only be able to securely hold your digger, but it must also be strong enough to handle the road. This includes road bumps, stresses, potential braking, and moving around sites.

Strong Wheels – a digger trailer must have four wheels: two on each side close together. These wheels are often placed on the tail of the trailer, giving it better balance and support on the road. Good wheels should also improve steering, through effective management of the load on the road.

When considering your wheels, keep in mind that the load it’s carrying is heavy – even though it is dispersed. Good quality tyres will hold it better and provide a safer driving experience for both you and your equipment.

Age – when choosing a digger trailer, it is better to purchase new. This is because digger trailers have a significant amount of duress and weight placed upon them, which can tire them out in time.

When handling equipment, it is better not to take risks – invest a new trailer, especially if you will be using the trailer often.

Carry Frame – digger carry frames tend to come in either steel or alloy. No matter which you choose, ensure that it will be secure enough to keep your excavator steady when you are driving. You should also check for solidity and strength in the base plate, as well as which support mechanisms are available for fastening your excavator.


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