5 Benefits Of An Enclosed Trailer

Are you in the market for a new trailer?

If so, you might be wondering if an enclosed trailer is a worthy investment.

There has been a growing interest in enclosed trailer options in recent years, and for good reason. These trailers are versatile and practical – they are good for anything from shifting supplies and large equipment to housing mobile businesses!

So, are they right for your needs?

If you are considering an enclosed trailer, check out these 5 benefits to better inform your decision.

5 Benefits Of An Enclosed Trailer

1. Safety and Security

The most important thing when it comes to hauling and storing gear is how to keep it safe and secure. Enclosed trailers offer fantastic security. First of all, no one can see what’s in there! Gear thefts are often opportunistic – meaning someone has wandered by your truck or trailer and happened to see something valuable to take off with. If they can’t even get a peek at what’s inside, the risk of these opportunistic thefts is much lower.

By utilising the right locking mechanisms for your enclosed trailer, your items are safe and cannot be accessed by anybody but you. Open trailer beds cannot offer the same level of protection, and they leave your valuables vulnerable to theft.

It is also much safer to transport items in enclosed trailers. Traditional open trailers carry the risk of items falling out/off if they are not properly secured. An enclosed trailer guarantees that all of your items will still be with you at the end of the drive! It’s also a lot less mucking around with ropes and tie downs – just load your gear, lock up and go.

2. Weather Protection

New Zealand weather is famous for being four-seasons-in-one-day and not always predictable. And unfortunately, expensive tools and equipment aren’t necessarily made to battle the elements.

Enclosed trailers offer very essential weather protection by keeping the rain, hail, and wind at bay, which keeps your gear safe from rust and additional wear and tear. The weather protection offered by an enclosed trailer is a huge convenience factor. It doesn’t matter what the weather decides to do, you can get your gear from place to place (or help out with those weekend house/flat moves!) uninterrupted.

3. Storage Options

The inside of an enclosed trailer can be kitted out for any storage need. The walls can be fitted with shelving, racks, boxes, benches, cabinets – whatever it is you require to get the most out of your trailer. There’s also the added bonus of having even more surface area on the roof, where racks or hooks can be mounted to truly maximise the space.

This helps keep your trailer well organised and tidy, making your gear easy to find and access when you need it. Open trailers cannot offer the same range of storage options due to their limited side/wall space.

4. Personalisation and Branding

If you own your own business, an enclosed trailer can be utilised as part of your advertising and marketing. These trailers have plenty of surface area on the external walls – which makes them perfect for branding with your logo and contact information.

Your trailer can get you hours of invaluable advertising while you are driving from job to job (or sitting idle in traffic!).

5. Versatility

Got a different kind of load to transport every day? An enclosed trailer can help you do it.

Plus, enclosed trailers have many uses beyond moving equipment and gear. Owning an enclosed trailer means you always have an easy and efficient way to move furniture and other large items, take the quad bikes out on the weekend, or load up safely for a family camping holiday.

If they’re not being used for transport, enclosed trailers offer awesome additional storage to free up space around the yard or in the shed.

Choosing The Right Enclosed Trailer

With all of this in mind, an enclosed trailer is certainly a solid choice. Their security and versatility give you more bang for your buck, and they have so many practical storage and transport options.

So, how do you pick the right enclosed trailer and how do you kit it out? We can help with all of that at Lucca Trailers. Check out our enclosed trailer range to see options and specifications. We can also custom-make bespoke trailers, so please get in touch with any questions, we’d love to make you a trailer that’s right for you!

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